Level 3: bebop dominant, bebop major

The bebop major and bebop dominant scales are the core of the jazz improviser’s vocabulary. They can be heard in in the recordings of all the great improvisers. These lessons open the door to the joy of jazz improvisation.

Level 3 Lessons

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Level 3 includes 10 lessons that will answer the question, “What is it that’s been missing in my playing?”  Chances are…this is it! These lessons will absolutely open your ears to essential, core jazz vocabulary. They will change the way you play…and the way you hear music.

Includes all 10 lessons for a discounted price of $15.99.

How the Lessons are structured

Each lesson contains a large handful of ‘bits’ or core musical phrases. These are presented as in a “listen…imitate” format, with a groovin’ backing track. The idea is to learn to play them ‘by ear’ through all 12 keys…at the tempo of your choice. All lessons are presented in a consistent format containing three items:

  • A PDF with the lesson materials presented in musical notation, plus valuable
    tips and insights.
  • A single Apple GarageBand file containing all the bits.
  • A set of m4a files.

The PDF offers essential, helpful information for all users.

iOS, PC and Android users use the m4a versions. Each m4a is an audio playalong of a single ‘bit’ (a short melody) in all 12 keys at three tempos: 100bpm, 120bpm, and 140bpm. These files will open in iTunes or most any MP3 player.

Mac users should make use of the GarageBand files for greatest flexibility. The GarageBand files use only core instruments and will work on any Mac.

GarageBand Video Tutorial

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