Level 1: major 7, dominant 7, and minor 7

Major, minor and dominant 7th chords are the basic colors of jazz and pop harmony. You’ve probably seen them written as chord symbols like Cmaj7, Cmin7 and C7. The first step in learning to improvise is to acquire vocabulary specific to each of these three types of 7th chords.

Level 1 Lessons

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Major 7

Dominant 7

Minor 7

How the Lessons are structured

Each lesson contains 8 or more ‘bits’ or core musical phrases. All lessons are
presented in a consistent format containing three items:

  • A PDF with the lesson materials presented in musical notation, plus valuable
    tips and insights.
  • A single Apple GarageBand file containing all the bits.
  • A set of m4a files.

The PDF offers essential, helpful information for all users.

iOS, PC and Android users use the m4a versions. Each m4a is an audio playalong of a single ‘bit’ (a short melody) in all 12 keys at three tempos: 100bpm, 120bpm, and 140bpm. These files will open in iTunes or most any MP3 player.

Mac users should make use of the GarageBand files for greatest flexibility. The GarageBand files use only core instruments and will work on any Mac.

GarageBand Video Tutorial

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