learn to improvise

Why use the Peter Saxe Improvisation Method?

There’s a ton of material out there. Books, play-a-long CDs, more books, videos, more books etc. So why bother?

I really enjoy sharing what I know. I have a fairly boundless enthusiasm for de-mystifying what many young players think of as the “mystery” of improvisation. I think I can provide some pretty cogent insights and practical approaches to making you into a better improviser.

Each lesson clearly explains a specific improvisational concept in both substantial, well-written English and in music notation. It includes a specific set of exercises designed to help you assimilate and master the concept. It also includes an MP3 so that you can hear correct phrasing and articulation for each exercise. There is enough meat in each lesson for you to spend weeks, if not months, practicing the material in all keys.

In my experience, focusing on a single concept and practicing it in a rigorous, systematic way is the most effective way to make real progress at becoming a more competent improviser. It is my hope that presenting you with a single, accessible lesson at a time, will create a less intimidating experience that will encourage practice and make success possible.


Level 1

major 7, dominant 7, and minor 7

There are 12 lessons in level 1, four lessons for each chord type, Maj7, Dom7 and min7.

“Best class at Columbia College Chicago was Peter Saxe’s Jazz Improv 1+2”

Fred K.

“Woo!!! The real deal!”

Liza M.

“Thanks for the clear and patient teaching!”

Johan B.

“Finally someone who talks sense, a teacher who has a method. Thank you Peter Saxe. learning from you is a joy :)”


“Excellent! and exactly the start that was looking for! A huge thank you and I am so looking forward to watching the rest of your videos! 🙂 This has been a very useful set of videos and I have learned a lot – and my thanks for producing them.”

Ness C.