From the first time I heard a walking bass line, probably Ron Carter on a ‘60’s Miles’ side, I was hooked. The undeniable swing, the wide, fat pocket, the deep, soulful rightness of it all spoke the truth to me.

    Since then, my musical journey has led me down diverse and varied stylistic paths.  The experiences have at times been tremendously rewarding, at other times less so, as is the case for all of us who play music for a living.

    A fair chunk of my creative energy is currently directed toward my students at Columbia College Chicago where I am Adjunct Faculty of Jazz Studies. As a teacher I am continually reminded that teaching and learning are but two sides of the same coin. I frequently wonder whether a tune or transcription I am preparing is for them or me. The line is easily blurred and I suspect that this is as it should be.

    I am currently the pianist with the Chicago Jazz Ensemble under the artistic direction of Jon Faddis. The CJE is in residence at Columbia College Chicago and continues to provide exciting artistic and personal challenges. We have an active subscription series in Chicago and perform nationally and internationally as well.

    My current goal is a new trio recording that proudly and without hesitation documents my deepest passion and purest joy playing jazz. It’s coming...stay tuned.


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